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Published by: Richard Mark Keats on 25-Apr-21
How to Get Over Meditation Problems

Meditation is a notable method for dealing with emotional problems and granting a greater sense of self. Whatever your reasons are for meditating, it is a positive experience for everyone. However, there are some hindrances that people encounter during meditation, and learning to deal with these will help you to successfully master the art of meditating. A few meditation problems that you may face, include some of the following.

You don’t have enough time to meditate

If you lead a hectic lifestyle, then you may feel that you don’t have enough time to fit meditation into your life. Meditation only needs to take a few minutes. A short meditation session will still bring mental and physical benefits into your life. Try waking up a few minutes earlier than normal and meditating as soon as you rise. This is an effective way to slot meditation into your routine.

You could also try movement meditation. This is exactly as it sounds, in moving while you meditate. You can partake in this style of meditation while you are walking, exercising, or at work. Once you capture the basics of meditation, you’ll be able to practise anywhere you like.

You can’t focus your mind

One major challenge for those who meditate is being able to gather your thoughts. It’s perfectly normal for your mind to be distracted. Rather than worrying about this, let your mind scramble for a few seconds before you start to bring it back to the present. Its pointless trying to push certain thoughts away, as meditation isn’t about making your mind go completely blank. Accepting particular thoughts is all part of meditating, so don’t assume that you need to clear your mind completely. Allow your thoughts to be, and let them pass through. As you continue to meditate, you will find it easier to focus.

You waiting to experience ‘something’

You might expect to experience complete and utter bliss during or after meditation. Naturally, that may not happen, but you will start to feel calmer and more relaxed. Don’t grab onto the feeling of trying to be euphoric, as when we want to feel a certain way, we lose the positivity that certain emotions can bring. If you feel serene while meditating, notice it, but allow yourself to focus on the subject of your concentration.

It’s not going well

Not all of us are going to be able to sit and meditate successfully. Our thoughts may be scattered, and we may struggle to sit quietly. In this instance, don’t give up. We learn from our mistakes and meditation often comes with distractions. If you have just started meditating and you’re not able to establish a routine, keep trying. Even if you feel that meditation isn’t for you, attempt varying techniques to see if one suits you better than another. If meditating on your own isn’t for you, then going to a class or using an audio program, such as Zen12 can help you to regularly meditate.